Deakin Residents’ Association Inc. is a non-profit association incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory

DRA objectives are:

To enhance the residential, suburban, social and environmental qualities of Deakin, consistent with garden city planning principles. To contribute through community discussion to planning and land management in the ACT as it impacts on Deakin residents.

Membership is open to any resident of Deakin or holder of a residential lease in Deakin.

Our current focus is on:

  1. Retaining Deakin’s garden-suburb environment
  2. Overflow parking into Deakin streets
  3. Vehicle numbers, speed, and pedestrian safety
  4. Impact and benefits of proposed Light Rail
  5. Constraining non-compliant property developers and dodgy builders

The Committee for 2016-17 is:

  • President – Dr George Wilson
  • Vice-President – Di Johnstone [Public Officer]
  • Secretary – Joel Tu
  • Treasurer – Kate Hambly
  • Member – Helen Allnutt
  • Member – Dr John Bell
  • Member – Mary Baumgarten

Current Issues - 2017

Deakin Has History

Under this topic we are collecting and presenting information on the history of the suburb of Deakin – its origins, its development, its residents. If

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DRA Light Rail Submission

Submission to consultation on Light Rail Stage II – June 2017 The Deakin Residents’ Association (DRA) thanks Transport Canberra for the opportunity to consult on

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Gawler Crescent Townhouses - update on DRA appeal.
DRA took action in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) to try to ensure that government promises about the protection of neighbourhood character would be carried through in the design, siting and scale of multi-unit housing developments in Suburban Core zones.
A three-member ACAT panel eventually approved a development application for the site with several minor improvements on the original proposal, but dismissing DRA concerns about loss of privacy for neighbours, traffic and parking issues in the Gawler Crescent/Hopetoun Circuit intersection, and about excessive impact of the scale and form of the new buildings on streetscape and neighbourhood character.The judgment is available on the ACAT website. DRA considers the judgment to contain several important inconsistencies in treatment of evidence and in interpretation of the laws and regulations, but DRA simply does not have the resources to pursue an appeal to a higher level.The course of this appeal has demonstrated how the current arrangment of laws, codes and procedures is heavily weighted in favour of a development applicant, and against affected residents or public interest defenders.Even reportage of this matter in the Canberra Times quoted extensively from supporters of the development but misrepresented the position being taken by DRA - we are not anti-development, but we will continue to advocate integrity in the application of planning principles on behalf of all Deakin residents.The Canberra Times then declined to print a letter from DRA explaining our true position - so we invite you to read it here instead!.
See here for more detail and background.