29 Sep / 2018

13 Fergusson Cres Deakin -development breaking the rules again

DRA has made the following submission in regard to Development  application 201834341: Block 9 Section 13

The Deakin Residents Association would like to make the following comments about DA 201834341: Block 9 Section 13 Fergusson Cres Deakin.

The DRA notes that once again there is a lack of compliance with the Rules in regard to plot ratio, building setbacks, building height, courtyard walls and privacy.

The DRA is concerned that developers in Deakin, as elsewhere in Canberra, continue to push the boundaries outside the existing Rules. We wonder why the rules exist if breaches are permitted. If the ACT had an anti corruption agency we would ask it to consider this and numerous other similar cases of rule breaches.

DRA is also concerned about the proposed removal of four mature trees that are significant to the streetscape. These are the trees numbered in the supplied Tree Survey as 1, 2, 3 (on the Fergusson Crescent frontage) and number 5 (on the Gawler Crescent frontage).

Retention of these trees would appear to have only a trivial affect on the proposed building works, but would significantly soften the impact of the stark new townhouse terrace on streetscape viewed both from Fergusson Crescent and from Gawler Crescent.

DRA fully supports the representation by Dr John and Mrs Judy Bell, in relation to DA 20183434. They are the neighbours of the proposed development. If permitted to proceed as proposed the development will have a significant negative impact on their property.

We strongly advocate that the proposal be modified to comply with the Rules or refused because of its impact on the street and neighbouring properties.

Yours sincerely

George Wilson