11 Aug / 2014

Asian Cup soccer matches for Deakin in 2015?

DRA has been advised by the ACT Environment and Planning Directorate that the Deakin Soccer Club is proposing “an overall upgrade to the oval due to occur in 2015 to enable the facility to participate in the Asian Cup… (works) proposed to be commenced early 2015.”

This advice was in response to DRA queries as to why the public car park works behind the Ambassador apartments had not been completed in accordance with lease conditions. The ESD has given the Deakin Soccer Club an extension of time due to the carpark area being used during the upgrade works in early 2015.

No development application has yet been submitted for these upgrade works. DRA recently made a submission querying the Soccer Club’s application to de-concessionalise its lease for unspecified “ancillary uses”.

DRA will take an interest in these proposals as they emerge, and we invite resident opinions, bearing in mind potential parking issues, noise or other factors that may be of concern to nearby residents. We will also urge that any upgrade works will result in more public amenity for residents and the ACT population generally, rather than just generating limited commercial opportunities as has occurred with developments based on other concessional leases.