Over 3,000 people signed our petition for better planning to protect Red Hill Woodland, including Section 66 Deakin (Kent Street) and the Federal Golf Course lease. Thanks to Caroline Le Couteur MLA and Nicole Lawder MLA, who spoke passionately and at length about the need for appropriate planning processes to ensure our precious Red Hill woodlands are protected, and to protect Canberra’s heritage in general. Ms Le Couteur’s persuasive interviews on WIN Television News helped capture our local residents’ voices.

Red Hill Support Crew: Representatives of Deakin Residents’ Association, Hughes Residents’ Association and Red Hill Regeneration Group at the Legislative Assembly for tabling of their petition, 30 November 2017

Ms Le Couteur’s also put out a press release reading:

“I’m very pleased to table this contribution from more than 3,000 residents, who have shown they don’t want inappropriate development in Canberra,” Greens Planning Spokesperson Caroline Le Couteur MLA said.

“Clearly, much of the local community feels that they are being side-stepped in the consultation process.”