The Act Legislative Assembly is currently conducting inquiries into:

  • Engagement into Development Application Processes in the ACT, and
  • Nature in Our City.

The first inquiry is examining:

  • Community engagement and participation in the Development Application process;
  • The accessibility and effectiveness of Development Application processes;
  • Development Application compliance, assessment and enforcement measures;
  • Development Application practices and principles used in other Australian jurisdictions.

Public submissions are sought by 1 June 2018.

The second inquiry is examining the value of the natural environment to an urbanising Canberra, including:

  • The growing importance of urban open space and bushland reserves and the benefits they bring to Canberra;
  • The level of public support for, and satisfaction with, the amount and quality of natural environment areas;
  • Managing the interface between the natural environment and urban areas, particularly in regards to conserved environmental areas; and,
  • Current policy on regulatory settings that impede the integration of the natural environment within optimal urban development and design.

Public submissions are sought by   8 June 2018.

Further details are available on the Act Legislative Assembly web site –

Red Hill Regenerators had a working bee from Hampden Place Deakin on Sunday, 8 April hacking away at woody weeds on the Deakin side of the hill and parts of proposed Section 66 (Telstra site development on Kent St  Deakin. You can see their efforts if you walk around the hill near the bottom water tank – cut-down weedy shrubs such as privet and cotoneaster with pink weedkiller on their stumps, making room for the native trees and shrubs to regenerate.

Afterwards, Michael Mulvaney took people on a walk to show them a coconut ant nest (within the Deakin suburb boundary), a recent Significant Sighting on the Canberra Nature Map and a first for Red Hill, as the nests are the only known breeding site for the Very Rare and Threatened small ant-blue butterfly, and possibly another rare butterfly too. He also spoke about recent sightings of the Very Rare and Threatened Little Eagle just nearby on this side of the hill (photos below).

DRA will be in closer contact with proposed RRG activities in Deakin and planning to collaborate more closely

The National Capital Authority (NCA) is proposing that development in the precinct close to Parliament House should be restricted to a single dwelling per block. This excludes blocks fronting State Circle. The NCA is seeking responses to Draft Amendment 89 (DA89) by 16 April 2018.

The Deakin Residents’ Association will be making a submission and would particularly like to hear from members who are residents of the Deakin Precinct area, about issues they would like raised. We would also be happy to hear from other residents of the affected area of Deakin and have a view.

More detail:

The NCA has issued a Draft Amendment to the National Capital Plan, following consideration of responses to its Issues Paper released for public comment in April 2017.

DA89 proposes to introduce specific requirements for those residential blocks in theDeakin/Forrest Residential Precinct bound by Hobart Avenue, National Circuit, Canterbury Crescent, and blocks fronting State Circle.

Key proposed requirements for these blocks include:

  • other than those sites fronting State Circle, a single dwelling only per block be permitted;
  • new and existing trees to be capable of providing at least 15% canopy coverage of a site when trees are mature;
  • not less than 35% of total site is to be for planting area, meaning an area of land covered by trees, grass or lawn, garden beds, shrubs and the like.

Existing provisions of the Plan concerning building height and plot ratio are not proposed to change. This includes a maximum building height of two storeys and eight metres above ground level, and a maximum plot ratio of 0.4.

Even more details of the Draft Amendment can be found  at

Comments should be sent to by 8 April 2018.  If you are not a member we look forward to you signing up at

A Development Application (DA) 201833330 is now on the ACT Government’s website for the redevelopment of the St Luke’s Anglican Church site, Deakin (Block 1 Section 30).


The proposal covers the demolition of the existing buildings; the construction of 8 new two storey semi-detached residential townhouses, attached garages, landscaping and associated works. The existing Crown Lease will be surrendered to be replaced by a ‘market’ lease with a purpose clause to permit the construction of supportive housing.


The DA, lodged by Purdon Planning Pty Ltd on behalf of The Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn, can be located under DEAKIN at the following link:


The period for representations closes on 30 April 2018.


For a co-ordinated response by the Deakin Residents’ Association please send any comments/questions on the DA by Monday 16th April 2018 to:


Neal Davis at 50 Newdegate Street, Deakin ACT


Telephone: 6285 1217

Powering our city

What does the future hold for the supply of power in the ACT?

Where does our power come from now?

Where will it come from in the future?

How much will it cost?

These issues affect us all, come and participate in our public forum to question those who supply our power; those who send us the quarterly bills and those who plan for the future.

Please join us at our April Public Forum on Energy.

Tuesday 10 April 2018
7.00pm Eastlake Football Club
3 Oxley Street, Griffith



Our three speakers:


The ACT government:
How we will achieve a 100% renewable power supply?  – Daniel Harding, Planning, Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate

Responsible infrastructure (poles and wires). How reliable will the power be and how much will it cost?
– Chris Dare, Manager, Environmental and Quality, Evoenergy

The retail brand. How much will it charge?
– Tony Muckle, Manager Retail Sales, ActewAGL



Join us at the Public Forum to hear from the guest speakers and get your chance to ask questions and provide comment.


The ISCCC is a peak body representing the eight residents groups of Inner South Canberra:

Deakin Residents Association, Forrest Residents Group, Griffith Narrabundah Community Association, Kingston and Barton Resident Group, Oaks Estate Progress Association, Old Narrabundah Community Council, Red Hill Residents Group, Yarralumla Residents Association

The Inner South Canberra Community Council receives support and funding from the ACT Government.




Our mailing address is:
ISCCC · PO Box 3310 · Manuka · Canberra, Act 2603 · Australia

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The proposed Light Rail to Woden would pass through Parliamentary Zone, which is managed by the federal National Capital Authority (NCA) rather than the ACT Government. Under the 1974 Parliament Act, all building work within that zone must be approved by both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The NCA chief planner Andrew Smith is not assuming that approval is going to be a “tick and flick.” He expects politicians will be particularly keen to ensure the heritage qualities of Commonwealth and Kings avenues were protected.

To prepare for a potential Parliamentary inquiry, DRA would like to survey the views of residents.  A copy of our 2017 submission to ACT inquiry  can be downloaded at DRA Light Rail submission GRW June 2017 .

If you would like to help with this task, maybe design a survey and compile views, could you reply to

1 Jan / 2018

Deakin trees

Deakin trees are under stress. 

Several oak trees near shops look to be dying.

A Brittle Gum in Stonehaven Cres just fell over in nil wind on a hotter day.

Fortunately no one was hurt.  Fire Brigade did a great job clearing the road. 

Canberra Times article by Emily Baker on 27 Dec 2017 reports on Deakin Residents’ Association strong opposition to Provectus Care’s proposal for a two-building aged care facility on Grey Street.  The 102-bed nursing home proposed for Deakin would limit the suburb’s light rail options, further exacerbate existing traffic woes and invade the privacy of nearby embassies, schools and homes, according to the local residents’ group.  Read more at article.

DRA wrote to Minister Meegan Fitzharris in May 2017 about traffic speeds and pedestrian transit under Adelaide Ave to  Yarralumla.  In Dec 2017  we  learn that traffic islands will be extended, path links and signage, and line-marking will be improved in accord with following drawings.

The ACT Government very correctly, seeks to encourage children to walk and ride to school. In DRA’s view the improvements are modest. Pedestrian access (and bike transit ) remains dangerous. Zebra crossings are not envisaged and  further work will be needed for light rail stage 2. Should it go ahead, passengers will be walking along Hopetoun Circuit to and from the middle of Adelaide Avenue to catch a lift to the level of the light rail.

Given that serious doubts are emerging about light rail stage 2, including that it will double current express transit times between Woden and Civic, DRA would like pedestrian improvements installed expeditiously.  Comments can be made by 20 Jan 2018 to Ms Snezana Dimitrovska | Senior Traffic Engineer,  Traffic Management and Safety | Roads ACT | Transport Canberra and City Services | ACT  Government (Ph) 6207 6570 | (M) 0432 757 189





On 6 Dec 2017, DRA made a response to the Development Application for to vary the lease and develop a 102 bed residential aged care facility on Grey St, Block 13 Section 49 Deakin,  201732711.  DRA submission

DRA believes a high-rise nursing-home on a tiny block on Grey Street, Deakin is not the best use of the site. DRA is concerned that the proposal will cause a number of problems for the residents and neighbours. It will exacerbate existing traffic problems and noise, fails to provide adequate parking and will overlook the adjacent residential area. The size and location of the site is inappropriate for the intended use by clients. The proposal will limit options for the route of light rail.

DRA retained the services of Ted Streatfeild RPIA, an expert in planning to review the DA. His review is at link.  He identified that the DA does not comply with the Development Control Plan applicable to this site in a number of respects. Given that the DCP takes precedence, this is a major issue.

His review  also identified issues in regard to parking inadequacy, the removal of protected trees, the lack of an active frontage to Hopetoun Circuit and waste collection conflicting with pedestrian access and car parking at the front of the building.

The full proposal can be downloaded from ACT Govt website here