17 Jan / 2017

Curtin Shops development proposal – a bad precedent

Many Deakin residents use the Curtin shops and have an interest in the shops and their future. A planned re-development of 6/7 stories, overshadowing the public square, is likely to be taken as a precedent for higher scale development at other shopping centres currently subject to height limits of two storeys. Curtin shops is classed as a ‘Group Centre’ (as are the Manuka and Kingston shops) and Deakin shops is a ‘Local Centre’. Group Centres and Local Centres currently have regulated height limits of two storeys. [ See current height regulations here.]

On January 13th DRA was asked for support on this issue by the newly formed Curtin Residents Association (CRA). They advised that “ the proposed development is for a six-storey building, including a double-height ground-floor level and 5 residential floors, with 3 levels of car parking underground. The total height above the square would be 24 metres, which is equivalent to a normal 7 (if not more) storey building”. The proposed development is opposed by a large number of Curtin residents and many have signed a petition to this effect.

DRA agreed to assist the CRA to publicise a ‘protest rally’ about the development to Deakin residents.

This rally will be on Saturday 21 January at 11 am at the Curtin shops.

The CRA is hoping people attending will also sign the CRA’s petition.

DRA intends to provide a supporting Submission on the current Development Application. The date for Submissions has been extended to 31 January 2017 .

The CRA would also encourage individual residents to provide Submissions supporting the CRA position.

DRA encourages Deakin residents who use and have an interest in the future of the Curtin shops to make their own Submissions.

Advice about the proposed development and a link for making a Submission on the proposed development, can be found at http://curtinresidents.asn.au.

Di Johnstone