8 Jun / 2014

DRA Committee Meeting 5 June 2014

The meeting discussed action and progress on several issues affecting Deakin residents. The relevant items under “Current Issues” on this website have been updated accordingly.

  1. Canberra Brickworks development.
    A community information session and guided tours had been held on 31 May 2014 at the former Brickworks in Yarralumla. It was noted that the Land Development Agency’s plan would have a significant impact on both Deakin and Yarralumla. About 400 of the planned 1,600 residential units would be built in Deakin, west of Kent Street adjoining Adelaide Avenue. Concerns were raised about lack of planning for retail and other services for the significant population of that new neighbourhood, and about traffic effects especially around the Kent/Novar Street and Cotter Road junctions with Adelaide Avenue. These points are already facing greatly increased traffic due to development of Molonglo suburbs.Committee encouraged residents to take advantage of the opportunity for public comment closing Monday, 14 July 2014.

    Committee will also liaise with Inner South Canberra Community Council on the broad issues that affect residents in neighbouring suburbs.

  2. Gawler Crescent Townhouse proposal.
    The committee discussed in detail a proposal for seven 3-bedroom 2-storey townhouses with underground car parking on two amalgamated blocks. Submissions to ACTPLA were due by Thursday 12th June. Several individual submissions are likely.
  3. Auditor General’s Report on Single Dwelling Development Applications
    The Auditor-General’s report was released on Monday 26th May 2014. Two of the case studies relate to developments in Deakin. It contains 12 recommendations (two of which are high priority) which address shortcomings in the administration of planning.

    It was agreed that DRA will write to Minister Corbell supporting early implementation of the recommendations.
  4. Latrobe Park
    Current and future usage of Latrobe Park as an important community facility and public open space was discussed, including a draft set of principles which are intended to guide management and usage in the future. A number of actions have been agreed, including that the Deakin community will be consulted later in 2014.
  5. Deakin Soccer Club Lease
    Committee noted that, after approaches by DRA, the ACT Government has served a Controlled Activity Order on the Croatia Deakin Football Club, requiring full compliance with their lease, viz. that “The Croatia Deakin Football Club must construct a hardstanding sealed carpark suitable for 90 to 95 vehicles, with either a bituminous or concrete surface, including the installation of all required curbing and drainage suitable to control and direct stormwater flows in a way that causes no nuisance to neighbouring leases and directs no runoff onto unleased Territory land.”
  6. Pedestrian Safety barriers at Deakin shops
    Safety barriers have been erected in front of most shops but not yet been erected to protect that part of the footpath adjoining the supermarket premises. ACT Government has responded positively following a 2012 800-signature petition co-ordinated by DRA. DRA has consulted with both the relevant landlord and the ACT Government with a view to having the remaining safety barriers in place as soon as possible.