9 Dec / 2017

DRA response to Grey St proposal

On 6 Dec 2017, DRA made a response to the Development Application for to vary the lease and develop a 102 bed residential aged care facility on Grey St, Block 13 Section 49 Deakin,  201732711.  DRA submission

DRA believes a high-rise nursing-home on a tiny block on Grey Street, Deakin is not the best use of the site. DRA is concerned that the proposal will cause a number of problems for the residents and neighbours. It will exacerbate existing traffic problems and noise, fails to provide adequate parking and will overlook the adjacent residential area. The size and location of the site is inappropriate for the intended use by clients. The proposal will limit options for the route of light rail.

DRA retained the services of Ted Streatfeild RPIA, an expert in planning to review the DA. His review is at link.  He identified that the DA does not comply with the Development Control Plan applicable to this site in a number of respects. Given that the DCP takes precedence, this is a major issue.

His review  also identified issues in regard to parking inadequacy, the removal of protected trees, the lack of an active frontage to Hopetoun Circuit and waste collection conflicting with pedestrian access and car parking at the front of the building.

The full proposal can be downloaded from ACT Govt website here