22 Nov / 2017

Federal Golf Club Community Panel

A community panel was established to “hold open and inclusive discussions about how the Federal Golf Club site should evolve and develop into the future” The Panel aimed to “endeavour to form a consensus view on development opportunities”.

Six Panel members have found it necessary to present their own report to Members of the Legislative Assembly. The six Panel members are the:

  • Deakin Residents’ Association
  • Conservation Council ACT Region
  • Friends of Grasslands
  • Garran and Hughes Residents’ Action Group
  • Hughes Residents’ Association
  • Red Hill Regenerators

The key recommendation made by this group is that:

the ACT Government suspend all development activity in the Red Hill open space area until an overarching planning and management framework for the area has been prepared and implemented.

The report is at the FEDERAL GOLF CLUB report to ACT Assembly Nov 13.