29 Jun / 2017

Key Priorities 2017

Issue Problem Perferred Solution
Traffic & Transport
40k zone
Hopetoun Ct And McGregor Street do not provide pedestrian friendly access to the Deakin Shops.
Cars travel down Hopetoun Crt at speed. Pedestrian crossing is particularly difficult for the many elderly residents and families with children.
    Establish a 40km/hr zone on Hopetoun Crt from the Preschool at Stonehaven Cres to Adelaide Ave.
    Add 1 pedestrian crossing across Hopetoun Crt closer to Gawler Crs.
    Another across McGregor St
Adelaide Ave pedestrian crossing
Pedestrian access between Deakin and Yarralumla is dangerous.
Cars travel off Adelaide Ave at speed and often do not stop for pedestrians. This makes the crossing between Deakin and Yarralumla particularly dangerous, especially for children going to Yarralumla Primary and Canberra Girls Grammar.
    Establish raised pedestrian crossings on ramps to Adelaide Ave.
Impact of Light Rail A low benefit cost ratio and further analysis may stop Stage 2. View our PDF for information on submission
Deakin West
Deakin Residential streets are filled with commuter parking.
The introduction of paid parking in West Deakin has compelled commuters working in the area to park in residential streets. This has created parking and amenity issues for local residents.
    Build/allow more parking in other areas around Deakin West.
    Restricting parking hours, and permits.
    Gutter restriction code
    Disallow non-resident all day parking
Bedford St Bedford St Was being used by students at CGGS for all day parking
    Signs have been erected on Bedford St limiting parking to 2 hours.
    Restrictions will require enforcement.
Deakin Shops People park there all day and commute to jobs
    Enforce existing rules
Normanby Crescent Overflow from recent restrictions in Bedford Street
    Potential of more signage
Canberra Girls Grammar School proposal to use LaTrobe Park CGGS has developed a proposal to invest $1 million in building a running track and sports oval in LaTrobe Park. In return, they seek exclusive use of that part of the Park during school hours. Some residents are concerned about a loss of access.
    Ensure appropriate consultation.
    DRA opposed in principle to school privatising a public asset
The playground at LaTrobe Park is old and worn, BBQ does not work and toilet block has been decommissioned Some maintenance of equipment occurs, it is beyond repair and should be replaced. The community playground at Yarralumla is an example. Poor equipment sustains argument that ‘no one is using the park’ And bolsters case for private development
    Replace the playground at LaTrobe Park.
    The new playground could be relocated closer to the Forrest Preschool to maximise its patronage.
    Yarralumla playground provides a good example.
Planning and Construction
Construction of inappropriate buildings Developments and multi-unit buildings are being proposed for Deakin that do not fit within the Deakin environs. Builders construct houses which do not comply with plot ratios and ignore shade constraints. They are aided and abetted by some architects who submit drawings for approval that proffer ‘minor’ breaches of current codes.
    Ensure all planning and construction complies with relevant building codes and the territory plan.
    Ask for a definition of a minor breach.
    Ask for compliance with the Garden City.
Yarralumla Brickworks Further plans for Brickworks will be released.
34 Melbourne Avenue Oversized property exceeds plot ratio. Submission made to approval process.
St Luke’s site Potential change of lease purpose
Details of proposal yet unknown
Purdon partners In discussion
Solander Galleries site
Retirement village with 90 rooms
Managing parking traffic and access. Purdon partners In discussion.
Curtin Shops Supported Curtin Residents Association
NCA Issues Paper – Deakin Forrest Precinct The NCA is seeking feedback on:

    Those characteristics of the neighbourhood valued by the community
    The proposed policy responses to the identified issues
    Whether other matters should be addressed (noting that other provisions of the Plan are also relevant to the precinct)
    Downsizing properties.
    Incentives in budget likely to bring more of these proposals
ISCCC Strategic planning
    Submission by ISC see on NCA Draft DCP Manuka Circle, Canberra Avenue