22 Jul / 2019

Light Rail EPBC Act – referral closes 29 July 2019

Determine what further impact assessments need to be undertaken before formal approval is sought.

Commonwealth Approval is needed under the EPBC Act where an ‘action’ has, will have or is likely to have a significant impact on one of nine matters of National Environment Significance or Commonwealth land values.
Major Projects Canberra has referred Light Rail stage 2 to Commonwealth Minister for the Environment for her opinion whether it is a ‘controlled action’ and if the impacts are significant.

The Deakin Residents Association believes the impact on these values is significant and will be putting in a submission seeking a full Environment Impact Statement. Indeed, we believe there should be Public Inquiry which is possible under the ACT.

The documentation identifies New Structures that are needed including new bridges near The Lodge and over Hopetoun Ct.

Site of proposed new bridge to position Light Rail to middle of Adelaide Ave
Proposed new bridge over Hopetoun Circuit. DRA assumes a lift will also be installed.

The full list is:

  • A new bridge between the existing Commonwealth Avenue road bridge over Lake Burley Griffin. 
  • New Commonwealth Avenue bridge over Flynn Drive. 
  • New Adelaide Avenue bridge over State Circle. 
  • New Adelaide Avenue bridge over Hopetoun Circuit. 
  • New pedestrian bridge over Adelaide Avenue to the Kent Street light rail stop. 
  • New pedestrian bridge over Yarra Glen to the Carruthers Street light rail stop. 
  • New light rail bridge over Yarralumla Creek. 
  • Decommissioning and removing the road vehicle bridge from Yamba Drive to Melrose Drive. 

DRA fully endorses the objectives of Light Rail especially:

Objective 5: deliver an affordable project solution to the Territory that drives innovation and provides a value for money outcome.

Objective 4: provide Canberrans with an attractive, convenient, efficient and reliable integrated public transport system that facilitates choice, increases public transport patronage and reduces car dependency. 

We remain sceptical about the current proposal achieving those aims. We ask if the current express bus to Woden and local Deakin bus services will operate after Light Rail is built.

More information and documents at link to Light Rail referral site