15 May / 2020

New speed limits through Deakin

Deakin Residents Association is really pleased to receive a response from Minister Chris Steel to our representations on traffic past the Deakin shops. Following our meeting in November the Minister has advised that the following works will be implemented by June 2020:

  • 40 km speed zone limit on Hopetoun Circuit between Grey Street  and Bedford Street
  • 40 km speed limit on Macgregor Street between Hopetoun Cicuit and the Jervois Street
  • A raised pedestrian crossing at the existing pedestrian crossing on Hopetoun Circuit near MacGregor Street
  • and a speed hump on Hopetoun Circuit adjacent to Grey Street

The map shows locations. The downside is. “will there be  more ugly signs damaging the cityscape? We look forward to minimal and small size signage.

Thank you Minister