17 Jun / 2015

Opposition statements on Brickworks plan

An 16 April forum with local Liberal MLA Steve Doszpot and planning spokesman Alistair Coe at Deakin Soccer Club was well attended by residents fron Deakin, Yarralumla and other parts of South Canberra.

Mr Coe outlined a draft alternative proposal which would be smaller, focussed on townhouses rather than apartments, preserved key landscape and recreation resources, and would be staged progressively with a modest first stage. Separate Territory Plan amendments would be required for each stage, rather than a single rezoning process as proposed by LDA.

Following the Forum, on 22 April Steve Doszpot mailed an outline of the Liberals’ plan to people who had registered their names at the forum. It is less explicit on some points than the oral presentation. The Liberal’s statement is available at this link.

Coe also foreshadowed that, under a Liberal government, the LDA would have a much reduced role in the planning and development of ACT suburbs.

There was active feedback from many participants, mainly raising further issues such as traffic, parking, and pressure on existing shopping precincts and infrastructure.

We appreciate that the Liberals made this effort to consult, and look forward to further development of their alternative proposal. We also look forward to some effective response from Government MLAs and Ministers.