27 Nov / 2018

Options for the future – AGM 21 Nov 18

Presidents Report 2017 /18

The Report by George Wilson that was presented at the AGM is available at past year 2017_2018.

The report also raised a number of more positive activities for DRA so as to avoid appearing only to being a brake on what we see as inappropriate building and other developments.

DRA is seeking to make contact with members who would like to initiate them.  Topics include:

  • Community Gardening
    • Shops
    • Roundabouts
    • Latrobe and Rosemary Dobson Parks
  • Restoring Nature Strips
  • Growing Street Libraries – like the one in Barron St
  • Developing a Community Garden
  • Reviewing bicycle routes
  • Suburb-wide power infrastructure and communications technology
  • Community Party in Latrobe Park
  • Growing membership –
    • especially younger members
    • commercial members

To indicate you interest please complete the form at Deakin Initiatives