3 Feb / 2014

Parking Safety Barriers at Deakin Shops

In 2012 the Deakin Residents Association Inc. co-ordinated a petition with over 800 signatures, which was lodged by Caroline le Couter MLA in the Legislative Assembly, primarily to address public safety concerns following several incidents of cars accidentally mounting the footpath in front of parking spaces. Shop owners have also made representations because of physical damage which was occurring to shopfronts

Roads ACT has provided the attached proposal to install steel barriers in front of each car space that faces the footpath.

The expected date of implementation is not known, and is dependent on formal approval of lease holders of Deakin Shops for the barriers to be installed.

DRA President Peter Wurfel has asked that DRA be kept in the loop on this. He has provided preliminary comments as follows:

  • The barriers appear to be appropriate – assuming that they will be similar to the (tubular steel) ones that are already in place
  • It would be useful to completely remove the paved promontory element that intrudes into the car parking spaces – exiting drivers are not always aware of it, and motor vehicles have connected with it, causing damage (it appears from the drawing that it will be reduced in size, not removed completely)
  • It is arguable that the barriers should also be erected where car parking exists at the rear of the shops (excluding the loading zone and garbage area).

If there are other issues that DRA should raise with Roads ACT, please contact Peter Wurfel at president@deakinresidents.asn.au