21 Dec / 2017

Pedestrians under Adelaide Avenue

DRA wrote to Minister Meegan Fitzharris in May 2017 about traffic speeds and pedestrian transit under Adelaide Ave to  Yarralumla.  In Dec 2017  we  learn that traffic islands will be extended, path links and signage, and line-marking will be improved in accord with following drawings.

The ACT Government very correctly, seeks to encourage children to walk and ride to school. In DRA’s view the improvements are modest. Pedestrian access (and bike transit ) remains dangerous. Zebra crossings are not envisaged and  further work will be needed for light rail stage 2. Should it go ahead, passengers will be walking along Hopetoun Circuit to and from the middle of Adelaide Avenue to catch a lift to the level of the light rail.

Given that serious doubts are emerging about light rail stage 2, including that it will double current express transit times between Woden and Civic, DRA would like pedestrian improvements installed expeditiously.  Comments can be made by 20 Jan 2018 to Ms Snezana Dimitrovska  snezana.dimitrovska@act.gov.au | Senior Traffic Engineer,  Traffic Management and Safety | Roads ACT | Transport Canberra and City Services | ACT  Government (Ph) 6207 6570 | (M) 0432 757 189