8 Jun / 2016

West Deakin business parking in residential streets

Many residents of streets close to the West Deakin employment zone (west of Kent Street) have raised concerns with DRA about extensive commuter parking in their residential streets, since the introduction of pay parking in the employment zone of West Deakin.

Following the recent Transport Forum hosted by the Inner South Canberra Community Council, a meeting was arranged for West Deakin Residents to discuss these issues with senior ACT officials. On 7 June, DRA President (John Bell) and Vice-President (Di Johnstone), together with affected resident representatives Bruce Taplin and Angelo Zorbas, met at West Deakin with Jim Corrigan (A/g Deputy Director-General, City Services, TAMS) and Robyn Hawkins (Roads ACT).

The group noted parking issues around Rosemary Dobson Park, and several streets in the area as well as nearby car parks. Some possible solutions were raised, to which the ACT officials agreed to give thought.

A Roads ACT survey is currently in progress and finishes on Friday 10 June, covering some but not all the streets in the relevant area. The officials were alerted to the weakness of a less-than-comprehensive area survey, as solutions in some streets could simply shift the problem to other streets. The DRA will stay in close touch with West Deakin residents and the government about this issue. There will be further updates as things progress.