30 Jan / 2023

Deakin flowers and trees

Deakin is one of the older suburbs in Canberra. It has well-established gardens and streets lined with mature trees. DRA is keen to maintain and enhance the suburb’s elegance in a well-maintained neighborhood. In 2021 we established flower beds as part of Floriade.

In 2022 some re-emerged but have now died and are definitely past their use-by-date.

We need some volunteers to finish the weeding. With a little support from Deakin shops, restaurants and other businesses, we could prepare a flower display in the autumn.

If you are able to provide a hand could you reply to george.wilson@anu.edu.au and we will search for a date? Alternatively, you might like to make a donation to cover the costs of materials.

In 2023 the Agapanthus on the Hopetoun – Stonehaven Cres roundabout, which we maintain, are looking good.

One of the oak trees also needs attention and we will approach the ACT City Services to attend to its maintenance.