11 Jan / 2023

Canberra Girls Grammar – Senior School Building Works Jan 2023

Canberra Girls Grammar is conducting significant work their Senior School campus, on Melbourne Ave, during the Christmas break.

During the break, the CGGS Maintenance and Grounds team will work with external contractors to improve lighting and safety, enhance traffic flow, and improve the frontage of the School.

As they approach their Centenary in 2026, the School says that during the upgrade it will continue to honour its heritage and history throughout the upcoming works and any works in the future. While working to upgrade the southwest corner of the Senior School campus, the team will plant 39 new trees, create new open spaces, and implement significant soft and hard landscaping taking inspiration from the historical photos of the School to respect its heritage.

As a part of this project, the school’s maintenance team with the assistance of experts and in accordance with the Tree Protection Act 2005 and approval of the ACT Government, have identified several Cyprus trees aligning Melbourne Avenue and Gawler Crescent – many of which have fallen in storms recently – requiring removal.

The major works will be conducted from early December through to early March. The school does not expect that these works will have a major impact on the public, however, for a short period the footpath on Gawler Crescent may be closed with alternative routes provided by ACT Government.