Aged Care Facility – Grey St

The proposal height breaches NCA standards and other requirements. Will NCA standards be over-looked / ignored? See correspondence.
DRA is seeking member help in determining the priority of planning instruments.

National Capital Authority – DA 89

DRA made a submission to the NCA about development options in the Deakin/Forrest Residential Precinct over which the NCA has responsibility

St Lukes / Newdegate St redevelopment

DRA commented on the DA. See submission at link DRA submission

Telstra Kent St site – Section 66

Hindmarsh constructions has varied its proposal for high density housing on Kent St to the development of a Storage Facility. DRA is asking if it should  proceed regardless of Legislative Assembly resolution on the need for a integrated plan for Red Hill. See next item.

Integrated Plan for Red Hill Nature Reserve and surrounds

An important first step in development of the Integrated Plan for Red Hill Nature Reserve and surrounds is establishing what parcels of land should be included. A paper from Garran and Hughes Residents’ Action Group addresses the issue.

Housing Choices Discussion paper

The ACT Government paper sought to introduce more flexibility, better housing choices and encourage the kind of quality residential buildings that communities want.
Here is the DRA submission.

Melbourne Ave traffic and parking

Negative impact particularly on the median strip. Advice needed on responsibility NCA or EPSDD Also involve Forrest Residents Association.

Over arching

  1. Need for Deakin masterplan
  2. Who benefits financially from a change of lease purpose, the whole community or the former lease holder
  3. Traffic numbers and speed

2016 Annual General Meeting outcome

A well-attended Annual General Meeting of Deakin Residents’ Association, Inc. took place on 29th November 2016 at the Canberra Bridge Club in Deakin.

Guest speaker Mr Andrew Smith, Chief Planner of the National Capital Authority, spoke frankly and interestingly about issues facing the National Capital Authority regarding:

  • “Garden City principles, the City Beautiful, and demands for densification in Inner South Canberra.”
  • “Light rail in the National Capital Area and on main approach roads.”

He took questions and there was a lively discussion on many aspects of the planning issues and on conflicts between development pressures and the existing character of the suburb.

Here is the link to The President’s report to the AGM on activities during the year, and on the outlook for the coming year.

The 2016 AGM has elected the following Committee for 2016-17:

  • President: George Wilson
  • Vice-President: Di Johnstone
  • Treasurer: Kate Hambly
  • Secretary: Joel Tu
  • Committee Members:
    • John Bell
    • Mary Baumgarten
    • Helen Allnutt

During the past year the Committee has continued to work on issues of concern to Deakin residents, including arguing for the continued application in consideration of development applications of the Garden City Values and Principles in our suburb.

Heritage issues

In March the DRA made a Submission on proposed ACT Five Year ACT Heritage Strategy in which we reinforced our concern that notwithstanding paper commitments to the Garden City concept for Deakin, and the Garden City Principles, both are being quickly eroded in Deakin through inappropriate development with iIndividual blocks are being leveled and trees demolished to be replaced by large site-covering structures, with impermeable external areas and gardens of low shrubs, grasses and bushes. We noted particular concern for prospective and likely intensive developments in the RZ2 zones that are damaging the streetscapes and transforming the garden nature of the suburb.

We also argued for the development of a Precinct Code for Deakin that would constrain inappropriate development to help preserve the suburb’s heritage and Garden City values. We noted, too, that social values in Deakin are largely connected to its small parks and open spaces which had great value to the local community, especially to community living adjacent to them, and the potential threat to these from inappropriate development.

Girl’s Grammar and Latrobe Park

We were approached by the Grammar School with a proposal to re-landscape Latrobe Park. This would involve levelling and re-turfing a playing field, installing a running track and constructing a toilet and changing facilities. The school wishes to use the Park for sports activities during school hours with ‘occasional’ use on weekends .
After meetings with school officials, we assisted the school to organize an information session, which was well attended. We produced an extensive record of the session which is on the DRA website.

The issues relating to this proposal include :

  • community attitudes to the use of the Latrobe Park by the school for permanent sporting facilities
  • whether the school should be granted a 25-30 lease for the use of public land for school sporting facilities
  • whether the school should be granted a lease or a licence to use Latrobe Park
  • assurances that the public would l continue to have access to Latrobe Park
  • the nature of any fencing that might be constructed, and
  • whether the school could get the use of the current ACT Government sheds to house grounds maintenance equipment.

We have had a further discussion with the school and ACT officials about the issues. We expect more discussions in the near future.

ACT Election

Prior to the election, the DRA invited candidates for the electorate of Kurrajong to respond to a questionnaire about local issues. The Liberals, the Greens and independent candidate Marea Fatseas provided responses which we posted on our website. I take this opportunity, on behalf of the DRA and Deakin residents, to warmly thank those parties and candidates who responded to our questions.

Safety measures at the Deakin shops

Over the years there have been a number of accidents in the parking area around the Deakin shops. Our previous President, Peter Wurfel, put a lot of effort into this issue, which we have followed up. The result is that safety barriers are now in place around the shops. Throughout this campaign we also liaised closely with the pharmacist at Deakin and thank him for his concern and persistence in support of public safety measures to benefit Deakin residents and all who use the shops.

Other safety measures on which we have initiated action include requesting additional pedestrian crossings in the area around the shops and a 40 km/hour speed limit. This speed limit has been implemented around some other suburban shopping centres. However the current speed limit in Hopetoun Avenue, an increasingly busy road, is still 60 km/hour.

Parking at the Deakin shops

The major problem with parking at the shops appears to a lack of enforcement of existing regulations by the ACT Government. There is a need to meet the parking needs of a range of users. A continuing failure on the part of the ACT Government to enforce the soccer club’s lease conditions is limiting the availability of spaces.

Parking in West Deakin

During the year the DRA has worked closely with West Deakin residents to address parking problems caused by workers in West Deakin parking in residential streets, particularly in Beauchamp Street. Committee members met with West Deakin resident representatives and ACT Government officials and were successful in getting pay parking removed from the car park in Geils Court. This has reduced but not removed the problem. With the expected redevelopment of the bowling club site (Equinox 2) it is anticipated that parking problems will get worse. We continue to work with active and engaged residents in West Deakin and in particular support a review of the provision of parking in West Deakin ahead of the planned demolition of the bowling club and the redevelopment proposals being considered.

Watch List

Issues that we have been monitoring, and that may require active response at any time, include:

  • Large-scale residential and other developments on public land between West Deakin and the Yarralumla Brickworks site.
  • Increased through-traffic arising from population increase, especially at Molonglo suburbs and potential residential development at Federal Golf Club.
  • Impact of planning options related to proposed light rail between City and Woden, probably via Adelaide Avenue.
  • National Capital Authority allowing development of multi-unit residences between National Circuit and State Circle.

Committee matters.

I can report that committee meetings have been well attended throughout the year. Committee members have also worked hard and met and consulted between meetings. The DRA has continued to participate actively in the work of the Inner South Canberra Community Council.

DRA membership numbers have continued to grow during the year. In addition we have a number of residents who are not members but are interested in the work of the Association and subscribe to our mailing list.

During the year Richard Thwaites has done an excellent job in managing our website. This is in addition to serving as Secretary of the DRA.  Richard is stepping down at this meeting and we warmly thank him for all his hard work for the Deakin community as DRA Secretary.

I would also like to thank the other members of the committee for their efforts during the past year.

John Bell
President, Deakin Residents’ Association, Inc
29 November 2016

The Annual General Meeting on 10 November 2015 elected the following Committee for Deakin Residents Association Inc.

President: Dr John Bell
Vice-President: Ms Di Johnstone
Secretary: Mr Richard Thwaites
Treasurer: Mrs Kate Hambly
Mr Peter Wurfel
Dr George Wilson
Mr Joel Tu

After several years as energetic President, Peter Wurfel this year decided to nominate only for the Committee. The AGM passed a motion of appreciation and looks forward to his continued contributions.

Deakin Residents’ Association Inc.
Notice of 2015 Annual General Meeting

Date: 10th November 2015

Time: 7.00pm

Charles Price Room
St Luke’s Church
44 Newdegate Street

Attached below are the AGM Agenda, a Committee Nomination form for those members willing to serve on the Committee of Deakin Residents’ Association Inc, and a Proxy Nomination Form.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, we would welcome you using the Proxy Form to assign your vote to another member, or to the President, to vote on your behalf. A completed proxy form can be delivered to the Secretary at 15 Fergusson Crescent, Deakin, or presented at the meeting by the person to whom the proxy is assigned.

Versions of these forms that you can print out, or edit on screen, can be downloaded from this link:

DRA AGM 2015 Nomination and Proxy Forms

The input of all members to the Annual General Meeting and to the Committee is highly valued. Help us to represent Deakin in the interests of all residents.


Richard Thwaites
26 October 2015



10 November 2015


1. Welcome and apologies

2. Proxies

3. Confirmation of Minutes of Annual General Meeting of 26th November 2014

4. Reports
President’s Report
Treasurer’s Report

5. Election of Committee Members and Office Bearers
(all positions are vacant, and a nomination form has been circulated).

6. Other Business

By order of the Committee
Richard Thwaites
26 October 2015



Deakin Residents’ Association Inc
Nomination for Office Bearers/Committee Members
2015 AGM

Note: The Rules of the Deakin Residents’ Association Inc. state that nominations for candidates for election to the Committee should be received by COB 10th November 2015 by the Secretary. However, if insufficient nominations have been received to fill all the positions, further nominations can be received at the AGM.

Committee positions comprise the four named Office bearers, plus up to four Ordinary Committee Members


We the undersigned members of the Deakin Residents’ Association Inc nominate the following Member for election to a Committee position:

Name of Member nominated ………………………………………………………………(please print)

Position for which Member is nominated (please circle):

President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Other Committee

Names and signatures of two Members nominating candidate (nominations need to be signed by two Members of the Deakin Residents’ Association Inc ):

Name 1: ……………………………………………………………………………………………. (please print)

Signature 1: ……………………………………………………………………………….Date: / /2015

Name 2: ……………………………………………………………………………………………. (please print)

Signature 2: …………………………………………………………………………………Date: / /2015

I consent to the above nomination:

Signature of Member nominated: ………………………………….. …………..Date: / /2015

Please mail to:
Deakin Residents’ Association Inc
15 Fergusson Crescent

OR email a scanned copy to



Deakin Residents’ Association Inc
Reg No: A05199

I (name)………………………………of (address) …………………………….

being a member of the Deakin Residents’ Association Inc hereby appoint

(name)………..…………………………………of (address)………………………………….

as my proxy to vote for me on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting of Deakin Residents’ Association Inc to be held on 10 November 2015 and at any adjournment thereof


The Chair of the meeting should vote on my behalf

[Strike out whichever proxy option above does not apply]

Signed……………………………………………….this…… of ………….…..2015

Following the changes to Association Rules at the Annual General Meeting of 2014, the Committee has met twice, in January and June 2015.

Regular business, such as membership approvals, financial management, and policy decisions on current issues, has been conducted intersessionally by correspondence or by small group meetings.

Main business at the formal Committee meetings has been:

  • Ratification of new memberships.
  • Decision to appeal to ACAT against ACTPLA’s approval of a townhouse development on Gawler Crescent that does not meet planning rules as promised during consultation.
  • Continued pursuit of improved pedestrian safety barriers separating car parking from footpaths at the Deakin Group Centre.
  • Submissions, meetings and representations on ACT government plans and services regarding public transport, road conditions, and resident responsibilities for nature strip (verge) treatments and maintenance.
  • Ongoing review of Development Applications throughout the suburb, with submissions during consultation period, where required.
  • Participation and support for Inner South Community Council amd Canerra Community Council representations to the ACT Government on broader policy and planning issues.
  • Close collaboration with Yarralumla Residents Association on continuing development of Land Development Agency’s proposals for the Canberra Brickworks and Environs development area.
  • Meetings and liaison with the National Capital Authority on current issues, and on NCA’s upcoming review of the National Capital Plan that sets parameters for development in parts of Deakin as well as the central capital areas.

The Annual General Meeting of the Deakin Residents’ Association Inc. took place as advertised on 27 November 2014, at St Luke’s Church hall, Deakin.

President’s and Treasurer’s reports were presented, and the President led some general discussion about the issues and priorities facing Deakin and the Association. Members present participated actively in these discussions.

The Committee for 2015 was elected as follows:
President: Peter Wurfel
Vice-President: John Bell
Secretary: Richard Thwaites
Treasurer: Kate Hambly
Member: Di Johnstone (Public Officer)
Member: Suiwah Leung

A motion was passed thanking past Committee members Tony Eastaway and Martin Jennings for the service to DRA.
The Committee may appoint up to two more Members as casual vacancies.

Membership Conditions Changes

The AGM passed a Special Resolution amending the Rules of the Association to give the Committee

  • more flexibility regarding the setting of Membership fees and nexus between fees and membership,
  • the timing of Committee meetings, and
  • the appointment of auditors.

Consequently, the Committee has resolved to reduce the membership fee to zero. The Association will rely upon donations and other fundraising to cover administrative costs and project expenses, though an annual membership fee can be restored in future if the Committee so decides.

The Annual General Meeting will take place 6:30-8:00pm on Thursday 27th November, in the Charles Price Room, St Luke’s Church, 44 Newdegate Street, DEAKIN.

Current members will vote on motions and election of the Committee and Office bearers.

Non-members may attend and speak with permission of the Chair.

DRA AGM 2014 Notice of Meeting, Agenda and Nomination Form

DRA – Proposed revisions to Association Rules for considereation at AGM 2014

  • The Committee approved several new membership applications received recently, including those arising from the Public Meeting about the “Brickworks” development. Welcome to those new members. Committee also discussed options to make membership application and renewal easier – more later on that.
  • Committee also noted the ACT Government has indicated the proposals will be reviewed in response to many submissions and a substantial petition, including issues raised by the National Capital Authority regarding the character and treatment of Adelaide Avenue and Dunrossil Drive.
  • DRA has been advised that Deakin Soccer Club has been given an extension of time to complete carpark improvements required under its lease conditions. The reason is that major developments are going to be proposed in relation possible hosting of matches of the Asian Cup in 2015 (see other story).
  • The next meeting (October) will need to finalise any matters required before the Annual General Meeting.