23 May / 2020

Curtin horse paddocks

Curtin horse paddocks – NCA consultation

NCA is inviting public consultation on National Capital Plan Draft Amendment 95 – North Curtin Diplomatic Estate and Urban Area

The NCA released Draft Amendment 95 – North Curtin Diplomatic Estate and Urban Area (DA95) for public consultation on  23 May 2020. DA95 proposes changes to the land use policy of Block 4 Section 106 and part Block 5 Section 121 Curtin (which includes a portion of the North Curtin horse paddocks) to facilitate the development of a new diplomatic estate on newly acquired Commonwealth land, and to create a new urban area adjacent to the estate on land retained by the ACT Government.

The draft amendment is available on the NCA’s website. The NCA has written in following terms.

The NCA secures the Australian Government’s interest in the planning and development of Canberra as the National Capital. The NCA’s planning responsibilities are to prepare and administer the National Capital Plan (the Plan). The NCA’s work also includes management of Canberra’s diplomatic estate. Under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, Australia has an obligation to facilitate the acquisition of, or assist in obtaining, accommodation for diplomatic missions. The supply of diplomatic land in Canberra is effectively exhausted. The Curtin horse paddocks and nearby land has been identified as being suitable for diplomatic use. The proposed site is large enough to accommodate long term growth of diplomatic missions in Canberra. The NCA is undertaking consultation activities in accordance with current Public Health Emergency Directions resulting from COVID-19. NCA officers would be happy to discuss DA95 with representatives of DRA via phone or video conference. Please contact via Draft.Amendment@nca.gov.au to arrange a suitable time.

The NCA welcomes written submissions on DA95 until close of business on Tuesday 7 July 2020. Please visit the NCA’s website at www.nca.gov.au for further information about DA95, the consultation process and how to have your say.

Rebecca Sorensen | Director Strategic Planning
National Capital Authority
( (02) 6271 2851