30 Jan / 2023

Deakin Front Fences



Another trend which is disturbing the DRA committee is the proliferation of front fences rather than hedges.

We wonder about the application of the rules which state that you will need development approval for a fence between a privately owned property and unleased Territory land (including areas such as parks, reserves, public access areas, street frontage, a laneway and other landscaped buffer areas) unless exempt from requiring approval.
All fences are built and maintained at the cost of the private property owner.

Approval is not required for:

  • hedges
  • property demarcation treatments that are up to 400mm above the natural ground level
  • repair or replacement of fences if they are the same as the approved original
  • side or rear boundary fences between neighbours up to 2.3m above natural ground level and located behind the front building line