19 Jan / 2020

Decisions on the assessment of light rail stage II under Environment Act

The Federal Government has made decisions about the assessment process for of the Light Rail Stage 2. The delegate has determined that under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 construction and operation of

  • Stage 2B of the Light Rail proposal is a controlled action and the assessment will be made by way of an Environmental Impact Assessment to be be conducted by the ACT Government – Major Projects Canberra.
    • The controlling provisions were National Heritage places, listed threatened species and communities and Commonwealth land
  • Stage 2A of the Light Rail proposal is a controlled action and the assessment will be by way of an examination of preliminary documentation.

DRA along with ISCCC had submitted that the Stage 2B assessment should be way of independent public inquiry. This request has been rejected.

While DRA fully endorses the objectives of Light Rail we remain sceptical that the current proposal will achieve its objectives. 

Objective 5: deliver an affordable project solution to the Territory that drives innovation and provides a value for money outcome.

Objective 4: provide Canberrans with an attractive, convenient, efficient and reliable integrated public transport system that facilitates choice, increases public transport patronage and reduces car dependency.

We ask if the current express bus to Woden and local Deakin bus services will operate after Light Rail is built.