21 Jul / 2021

Densification in Deakin, DRA submission on District Planning and Strategies

DRA has made a submission that supports in principle the development of District Planning and Strategies as a mechanism to underpin an agreed coordinated approach future planning and development in Canberra, provided their provisions are enforceable, accountable, transparent, fully consulted with residents and accommodate differences between suburbs covered by District-level planning. Submission can be downloaded


  • wants clarity about the standing of existing Precinct Codes
  •  is opposed to rezoning for intensification that would bring dense infill and high-rise development into suburban areas of Deakin, to Deakin’s sporting fields, or to Deakin’s other green spaces.

Such development would be unacceptable to residents and inconsistent with Deakin’s unique status as a garden suburb. It would also be contrary to the heritage values of Deakin, an original Griffin designed suburb in Australia’s National Capital.
In light of the above, the DRA rejects any suggestion that, in the next planning stage for the light rail corridor, there is any scope for densification in the suburb. Residents of Deakin can be expected to
respond at the next election to any plans for densification.