25 Sep / 2019

Draft of Red Hill Master Plan

The ACT government has released a draft of the ‘Integrated Plan for the Red Hill Nature Reserve and surrounding areas’  as prepared in accordance with the resolution of the Legislative Assembly.

It proposes the development of a retirement village in the southern portion of the Federal Golf Course with access via Kitchener Street. See map below.

DRA supports this change as it acknowledges that the previously proposed retirement village on the driving range adjacent to the clubhouse which to be accessed via Gowrie Drive and was less then half as close to Deakin shops as it was to Garran shops. Traffic would have increased on Gowrie Drive plus putting further pressure to Deakin shops.

We understand that residents adjacent to the proposal are now agitated.

In supporting the change we are also advocating that the proposed land swap should proceed.  It anticipated the re-dedication of a a high conservation area in the north-west of the golf course lease as an addition to the Red Hill Reserve.

This image outlines the timing and sequence of planning stages and engagement with stakeholders undertaken to develop the draft Integrated Plan for the Red Hill Nature Reserve and surrounding areas. The process began in October 2017, when a resolution of the ACT Legislative Assembly resolving that an Integrated Plan for Red Hill Nature Reserve and surrounding residential areas is required. It also called for a considered and integrated approach to planning in the area. Throughout 2018, the project area was scoped and defined, and initial research was completed including site inspections and the assessment of various ecological, development, land use and traffic issues. Stakeholders were consulted throughout 2018 including government agencies, community councils, local residents’ groups and environmental organisations. Draft findings for the area were identified in early 2019, which prompted further traffic studies and additional ecological research. Draft directions and recommendations were completed in August 2019 and presented to stakeholders. The draft directions will be available for broader community information in late 2019, following which a final plan will be prepared and presented to the Legislative Assembly in early 2020.

The other elements are

  • Providing community facilities through the development of a retirement village, to be located in the southern portion of the Federal Golf Course with access via Kitchener Street.
  • Retaining open space which adjoins and links to the Red Hill Nature Reserve, preserving the ecological values of the area.
  • Implementing buffers around the Federal Golf Course and associated development.
  • Managing the Red Hill Nature Reserve in line with the Plan of Management for the Canberra Nature Park and the National Capital Plan.
  • Identification of proposed upgrading to a number of roads and intersections to cater to the current traffic volume of the roads and prepare for future growth and capacity.
  • Retaining residential zones adjoining the Nature Reserve.
  • Expanding the Deakin Office Park (rezoning Deakin Section 66) to partly include further urban open space and commercial use.

The full report is available at the ACT Gov website