16 Aug / 2022

Gang Gangs on Red Hill – public meeting 5.30pm Wed 24 Aug, Federal Golf Club

A Tell-all about Red Hill’s Red-headed Larrikin – the Glorious Gang-gang

Hosted by the Red Hill Regenerators

5.30pm Wednesday 24 August, Federal Golf Club

The Red Hill precinct is important for Gang gangs, supporting about 10 breeding pairs and has been the subject of considerable survey and research. A third of all the known nest sites for this species, across its total range, are on or in the vicinity of Red Hill. Come and learn about Red Hill’s Gang-gangs and how you can be further involved in their study and conservation.

Dr Michael Mulvaney will be presenting the findings of 5 years of Gang-gang study by Red Hill Regenerators in conjunction with the Canberra Ornithological Group, the ACT Government and hundreds of other citizen scientists. The study has revealed much that was previously unknown about the Gang-gang feeding and nesting behaviours and tells us much about our local birds.

Please only attend if you are well and don’t have any COVID 19 symptoms.