21 Oct / 2021

Light Rail II – Oct 21 Zoom meeting links to presentations

DRA continues to be concerned about the growing expense of the Light Rail proposal – Civic to Woden compared to the benefits of alternative options such as electric buses and improved cycleways.

We believe that Stage II will be too slow, – taking twice as long as existing bus services, locks the ACT into outmoded technology. Its construction will be severely disruptive – reconstruction of Commonwealth Ave bridge will take years, it will cause more pollution than is ever likely to be saved, and that it will damage major heritage values of the Parliamentary Zone and Triangle.

A summary of the meeting is at the Youtube link. The detailed presentations at the Zoom meeting are available at these links

  1. Light Rail history and optionsĀ  – Beatrice Bodart-Bailey
  2. Economic costs and benefits – John Bell
  3. National Heritage and alternatives – George Wilson
  4. Transport convergence for Woden – Fiona Carrick
  5. Nine points to sum up – Richard Johnston
  6. Discussion

Click on the links to see the presentations on YouTube. After each one hit the back button to come to the page to look at another video.