12 Mar / 2022

Proposed tower on the southwest corner of the Deakin Oval

A telecommunications network base station facility is proposed near the southwest corner
of Deakin Oval. The proposed facility will replace an existing light pole, with the
existing lights to be relocated onto the new monopole.  More details at www.rfnsa.com.au/2600028

The proponents have invited comments on the proposal byFriday, 18th March 2022.
Send to  submissions@bmmqroup.com.au

More detail in the flyer at IMG_20220310_0003

Residents are concerned about:

  1. Unacceptable appearance of the proposal

In comparison with the existing telecommunications tower in the south-east corner of the Deakin Stadium Oval, the proposed Telstra tower presents an even more intrusive and invasive visual blight as it is located right in the centre of the public park in full view of residents in an aged residential village (The Grange), public housing, townhouses, apartments and house blocks.

  1. Need for a separate tower?
    If telecommunications equipment must be located in Deakin, why not co-locate it on the existing pole to minimise the visual impact, as that unacceptable aesthetic is already in place?

Has consideration been given to locating such telecommunications equipment elsewhere in the area, for example at the top of Red Hill, where its impact is further away from residents, and the height of the tower would make it more effective?

  1. EME levels
    We note that the EME levels are calculated to increase due to the new tower by 64.5% at 100-200 metres distance from the tower, which is exactly where the children’s playground is situated. This is a concern for the health and safety of children and the community.
  2. Concern for wildlife
    On summer evenings, fruit-bats and birds flock from Commonwealth Park over Deakin, and we are concerned that the impact of a tower of the height proposed will have on these and other wildlife.
  3. Lack of consultation and disruption caused
    With regard to the existing telecommunications tower, we did not receive prior notification of that development, and we are aware that residents at The Grange, and on Newdegate St and De Chair St were similarly not consulted. Furthermore, when it was constructed, the trenching spoil was illegally dumped in the park for weeds to grow over, trenches were dug and not re-instated so that weeds grow over, bollards were removed to provide access, but not reinstalled, and lie to this day on the ground next to their original placement. Despite complaints by residents to the ACT Government, nothing was done to rectify this. We are concerned that the proposed development would result in similar levels of disruption and disregard for the condition and amenity of the park.