25 Nov / 2023

2023 Annual General Meeting

Deakin Residents’ Association Inc.

Annual General Meeting

Canberra Bridge Club, 22 November 2023, 1900h

  1. Welcome from Chair, John Bell
  2. Members –  in attendance
  1. AccordionJill Adams
  2. Yvette Amaral
  3. John Bell
  4. Kay Blue
  5. Karl Chamberlain
  6. Pam Core
  7. Llois Cutts
  8. Sue Gage
  9. Jack Gault
  10. Jenny Gault
  11. Dianne Goodman
  12. Carol Guida
  13. Rami Greiss
  14. Dorothy Holt
  15. Martin Jennings
  16. Di Johnstone
  17. Cleopatra Kosmas
  18. Brian Leonard
  19. Suzanne Leonard
  20. Peter Longland
  21. Lochie MacLean
  22. Dennis Martin
  23. Robin Miller
  24. Kay Newman
  25. Mark Rebentrost
  26. Judy Shalders
  27. Margaret Simmonds
  28. Rebecca Vavic
  29. Phil Waite
  30. George Wilson
  31. Lyn Wilson
  32. Brigitta Wimmer Sample Description
  1. Ann-Mari Jordens
  2. Peter Pharoah
  3. Fiona Carrick
  4. Denis Taylor
  5. John Edquist
  6. Deborah Price
  7. Keith Mountain
  8. Maryanne Mountain
  9. Ian Elsom
  10. Robyn Tegart
  11. Margaret Barclay
  12. Terry Hodge
  13. Annalisa Koeman
  14. Graham O’Loghlin
  15. Denise Rawling
  16. Tony Stewart
  17. Marea Fatseas
  18. Bill Magee
  19. Adele Sinclair
  20. Kate Dawson
  21. Sally Chandler
  22. Sue Hart
  23. Thomas Emerson
  24. Denby Angus
  25. Julie Stuart
  26. Jim Stuart
  27. Richard Hart
  28. Lincoln Magee
  29. Nerelle Poroch
  30. Benjamin Stau
  31. Jacob Stau
  32. John Lamb
  33. Zhiwen Zheng
  1. Helen Allnutt
  2. Krystyna Fitzgerald
  3. Hal Leaver
  4. Marion Leaver
  5. Brian Heaney
  6. Jacqueline Elliot
  7. Margaret Bowen
  8. Gabrielle Tryon
  9. Jenny Bramley
  10. Mary Bau
  11. Jim Bain

Also Canberra Federal MP Alicia Payne.

  • Proxies – Nil
  • Confirmation of Minutes of Annual General Meeting of 9 November 2022


Moved: Sue Gage

Seconded: Mark Rebentrost

President’s Report

The President read his report to the meeting; this is attached as an appendix.

He thanked the outgoing committee and in particualr di Johnstone for her role over 20 years in support of DRA.

He proposed that the report be accepted.


Moved: Mark Rebentrost

Seconded: Di Johnstone

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer presented his report. This is attached as an appendix.

He proposed that his report be accepted.


Moved: Martin Jennings

Seconded: Rebecca Vavic

  • Election of Committee Members and Office Bearers for 2024.

As insufficient nominations were received to fill all vacancies on the committee, all the above nominations were deemed to be elected, in accordance with Rule 14.4.

*Krystyna Fitzgerald was absent, but gave written consent to her nomination.

  • Marea Fatseas, ISCCC Chair thanked John Bell for his service and contributions to ISCCC.
  • George Wilson extended thanks to Di Johnstone for her service to DRA.
  • Deakin Heritage project: John Bell indicated that DRA had been successful in obtaining a grant of $14,780 for Discovering and valuing Deakin’s heritage. This was fully described in a DRA media release dated 14 September 2023. A historian, Ann-Mari Torrens, has been engaged to assist with the project. Ann-Mari described the stages of the history: Aboriginal history; European occupation 1828-1912; Old Deakin; Central Deakin and West Deakin. Di Johnstone appealed for photos of old Deakin, preferably out of copyright. The final product will be informative signboards, to be unveiled in Heritage week 2024.
  • Incoming President, Mark Rebentrost thanked John Bell for his service, saying he has big shoes to fill. He stated that he wants to spend less time in ACAT and that Deakin is the best place for a family to live.
  • John Bell raised the matter of a membership fee. He stated that we receive a grant from ISCCC, for communications. However, we need funding for 3rdparty appeals.
  • George Wilson: noted that we do not know who our members are, as many members leave without informing DRA. He also discussed a project in which the DRA is supporting The Woden School. 
  • A speaker from the floor: indicated that he endorsed a membership fee and asked whether DRA could open a Facebook account.

The meeting closed at 7:51 pm.