26 Jun / 2023

Update on Red Hill Integrated Plan

The planned Over 55s village development successfully negotiated a number of approval processes that required thorough vetting including:

  • Commonwealth Government decided that no approval was required under the EPBC Act as it was determined that the proposed development is not likely to have a significant impact on any matters of National Environmental Significance i.e. listed threatened species including the Superb Parrot, the Gang-gang Cockatoo and the Grassy Woodland;
  • ACT government provided an Environmental Significance Opinion that the proposed development is not likely to have a significant adverse environmental impact;
  • ACT Territory Plan Variation approved and commenced, which includes a raft of rules aimed at minimising the impact of the proposed development on trees, threatened species, wildlife corridors and the ecological values of the site.

The developer for the proposed village is now undertaking the required lead-in Development Application consultation process (notice attached). Should this proceed without issues, a formal Development Application would be submitted in the next couple of months.

One of the approved Territory Plan variations includes the transfer of about 10ha of golf club lease to the Red HIll Nature Reserve. Some of this area needs rehabilitation and we met with Mbark and the Federal Golf Club to discuss this and to learn about the current plans for the proposed village development. While the development will involve the removal of a number of mature trees, there are a number of compensations planned and we are happy with progress on plans for both the village and the rehabilitation & transfer of lease to the Reserve. There has been research undertaken of the wildlife in the proposed development area that has demonstrated limited impact including with regard to the threatened Gang-gang cockatoo.

There is some community opposition to the development and so this may play out in the media but the Red HIll Regenerators have not changed our belief that the plans at the golf club are the best option available.  I would be happy to provide more details if this would help.

The Territory Plan Variation for the other end of the Reserve near Kent Street was also approved but we don’t have any further information about it at the moment. This included transfer of some leased land to the Reserve.