19 Dec / 2021

Raising London Circuit for Light Rail

DRA believes the National Capital Authority (NCA) should not grant Works Approval for Raising London Circuit (RLC) because it is part of Light Rail stage 2A. Consideration should only take place in the context of a fully documented Works Application for Light Rail Stage 2. It should also await a full response to the Auditor General’s report on Light Rail Stage 2A. This position supports the Inner South Canberra Community Council submission

To view the plans and comment yourself, visit the National Capital Authority and make a submission which closes on 24 Dec 2021

Other points

  •  If the ACT Government needs the revenue from leasing the land within the cloverleaf ramps, it could do so without RLC
  • The RLC proposal makes unsubstantiated and/or unsupported claims about how the RLC proposal is consistent with the National Capital Plan . These need to be examined critically.
  • Claims of “future proofing” the transport network through a massive investment in light rail (which suffers from inflexible routes, inability to provide express services, and high track construction costs with significant greenhouse gas emissions) should be rejected.
  • On its own, RLC will not improve connectivity for cyclists and pedestrians and will not improve access to Lake Burley Griffin
  • There will be significant adverse impacts (traffic, noise, parking, travel time, pedestrian access, greenhouse gas emissions and road damage) during the extended period of RLC construction
  • In particular, the loss of a large number of parking spaces in the CBD will adversely impact on workers, shoppers, businesses and theatre goers.
  • Travel time between north and south Canberra will be increased
  • RLC will have a negative impact on the landscape and vistas that are an essential element of the Griffin design.