The DRA Committee meeting of 3 April discussed progress in a number of areas of interest to Deakin residents:

  • Traffic and parking around schools: Inner South schools have a high proportion of enrolments from students living out of the area, and this contributes to some serious traffic and parking issues around drop off and pick up times.

    ACT Government have instituted some new parking rules in Grey Street, Fergusson Crescent and Robe Street to try to ensure safe passage for school buses servicing the Girls Grammar junior school in Grey Street. Effectiveness is net to be evaluated.

    ACT Government has agreed to make some changes to parking arrangements at the Deakin shops, in the interest of pedestrian safety. Some issues remain, due to the IGA Supermarket lease extending to the edge of the footpath and hence lessee approval being required for the installation of pedestrian protective devices.

  • Concessional leases: Residents have a right to expect that leases granted for community purposes are held to those purposes. Clubs and other groups should not be allowed to privatise such assets without full assessment of community benefit.
  • Audit of public open space: Public spaces in Deakin have been nibbled away over the years and often residents do not know the status of land currently open for public recreation. An audit is being prepared so that public open space decisions can be made on a broad factual basis.

    In Deakin, Latrobe Park is the largest such assett and special attention is being given to plans for future use and ensuring long-term public access.

  • Precinct plan: A pilot Precinct Plan is being developed to add broader considerations to the current land-use planning information. Local character, transport and foot traffic options, open spaces, concessional and diplomatic leases, heritage aspects, and historic building codes are all relevant, as well as clarification of areas zoned for more intensive development.

The committee will meet again in early June 2014.

Most of the issues discussed at the February meeting are recorded separately and in more detail in items listed to the right of this page.

ACT Government

Committee discussed outcomes of the meeting with Minister Corbell on Wednesday 5th February. A letter of appreciation has been forwarded to the Minister.
Committee discussed next steps in working with the Inner South Canberra Community Council and the ACT Government to develop more appropriate precinct codes, with Deakin and Yarralumla as a pilot.

Concessional leases

Committee discussed rising community concern about how concessional leases are handled. A paper on the subject to the ACT Government has been drafted and is under consideration.

Latrobe Park

Canberra Girls Grammar School has expressed interest in more regular use of the sports field in Latrobe Park, with some possible development of facilities primarily for use of the school.

DRA organised a meeting with a representative of Canberra Girls Grammar with respect to future uses of Latrobe Park. Key objective is that the Deakin community needs have priority in considering the future of the park. The school and DRA are to separately develop proposals for further discussion, hoping for a mutually satisfactory plan for Latrobe Park.