20 Sep / 2016

Current Issues updates

Our Deakin Matters  newsletter distributed on 28 August updated subscribers on current issues in Deakin:
• Latrobe Park,
• Pedestrian safety at the shops,
• West Deakin commuter parking,
• Formation of a Forrest Residents group,
• ACT Election candidates public forum.

Meeting with Girls Grammar and ACT Govt on Latrobe Park future.
After several postponements, DRA finally had a meeting on 8 August with both CGGS and the relevant ACT Government office – formerly TAMS, now known as “Transport Canberra and Community Services” (TCCS).

The meeting was not to make decisions, but to gain information and ensure that all parties were aware of different interests and what would be required for any proposal to be considered.
There has been no change to the CGGS proposal since the 12th May public meeting. DRA representatives have made clear that our role is to convey views of residents and keep residents informed, not to agree to anything that does not have community support.

The situation was left with Girls Grammar to consider whether they would make a proposal on the basis of a licence (non-proprietory) rather than a lease (proprietory).

Bedford Street/Latrobe Park parking
Following complaints by residents about all-day parking hampering access to Latrobe Park, Deakin Pre-school and Bedford Street residences, the government has contacted Bedford Street residents regarding time-limited parking on at least one side of Bedford Street. Consultation is not complete and we understand residents have different views on the best solution.

Pavement safety barriers at Deakin shops
DRA has been working with business operators at Deakin shops for several years lobbying to to improve the safety of pedestrian traffic. This follows a number of incidents where vehicles have mounted the pavement outside shops and caused significant damage.

Visitors will note that substantial protective barriers have recently been installed between the car parks and the footpath, to the benefit of all users.

Pedestrian crossings and speed controls on Hopetoun Circuit.
Danger to pedestrians and to vehicular traffic on Hopetoun Circuit between Adelaide Avenue and Stonehaven Crescent has been raised repeatedly by residents, and by DRA, with the ACT Government.

We continue to seek a proper meeting with officials to discuss solutions. Options might involve a 40kph speed limit, relocated pedestrian crossings, improved signage, or other traffic engineering elements.

West Deakin pay-parking impact on residential streets
An active group of local residents has been negotiating effectively to reverse the trend of commuters to the West Deakin Business Precinct lining residential streets (Jersey, Nathan, Lawley, Norman, Fuller and Beauchamp Streets), following the ACT Government’s action to impose pay- parking in the Geils Court parking area.
The residents have successfully lobbied the ACT Government to reinstate free all-day parking for about 150 parking spaces in Geils Court and the removal of all parking meters in that car park, other than some 30 spaces that will remain for 2 hour parking. There are already signs that the reinstatement of free parking has had a definite impact and reduced the number of vehicles parked in residential streets. The ACT Government, via Roads ACT, has also responded positively to the group’s concerns about the need for a review, to address the provision of sufficient parking in new Precinct developments such as the Deakin Bowling Club and elsewhere in the Precinct.

While welcoming the initial response by the ACT government and the promise to undertake a full review of the Precinct’s parking problems, affected residents plan to maintain community pressure to ensure changes made to date become permanent and that, in the absence of a stated timeframe, the review is undertaken in a timely manner.

Formation of Forrest Residents Group
DRA is in contact with a growing group of Forrest residents who are in the process of establishing a formal residents group, similar to DRA. We anticipate future cooperation on many issues of common interest. A public meeting to establish the Forrest group is scheduled for Tuesday, 30 August.

ISCCC “Meet the Candidates” Forum – 27 September
On 15 October Deakin residents will vote to elect 5 members to represent us in the ACT Assembly in our new electorate of Kurrajong. Make sure you know where they stand on the issues that matter to you – planning, transport, parking, heritage, public housing, rates, development on public land, transparency in government, etc etc.

The Inner South Canberra Community Council is hosting a “Meet the Candidates” Public Forum on 27 September 2016, 7.00 pm, at Eastlake Football Club, 3 Oxley Street, Griffith. Hear what candidates have to say and question them, to decide who earns your vote!

Here is the ISCCC flyer for the Meet the Candidates Public Forum.