6 Dec / 2014

Association’s 2014 Annual General Meeting outcomes

The Annual General Meeting of the Deakin Residents’ Association Inc. took place as advertised on 27 November 2014, at St Luke’s Church hall, Deakin.

President’s and Treasurer’s reports were presented, and the President led some general discussion about the issues and priorities facing Deakin and the Association. Members present participated actively in these discussions.

The Committee for 2015 was elected as follows:
President: Peter Wurfel
Vice-President: John Bell
Secretary: Richard Thwaites
Treasurer: Kate Hambly
Member: Di Johnstone (Public Officer)
Member: Suiwah Leung

A motion was passed thanking past Committee members Tony Eastaway and Martin Jennings for the service to DRA.
The Committee may appoint up to two more Members as casual vacancies.

Membership Conditions Changes

The AGM passed a Special Resolution amending the Rules of the Association to give the Committee

  • more flexibility regarding the setting of Membership fees and nexus between fees and membership,
  • the timing of Committee meetings, and
  • the appointment of auditors.

Consequently, the Committee has resolved to reduce the membership fee to zero. The Association will rely upon donations and other fundraising to cover administrative costs and project expenses, though an annual membership fee can be restored in future if the Committee so decides.