6 May / 2019

Politics in the Pub – meeting the Federal election candidates

The forum organised by the Inner South Canberra Community Council on Sunday 5th May 2019 at Eastlake Football Club, Griffith was attended by 176 participants and generally agreed to be a great success.
The meeting was compered most effectively by Malcolm Farr, national political editor of news.com.au.

Marea Fatseas, Chair of the ISCCC was not able to attend at last minute and George Wilson filled in for her. Many thanks to Sonia Owens for her organisation.

We met and heard from a variety of CANDIDATES seeking our VOTE on May 18th in the electorate of Canberra and for the Senate in the Federal Election.
The House of Representatives candidates for the electorate of Canberra
• Labor – Alicia Payne
• Greens – Tim Hollo
• Australian Progressives – Robert Knight
• Independent – Tim Bohm
• Liberal – Mina Zaki (attended towards the end)
Senate Candidates
• Labor  – Katy Gallagher
• Labor   Nancy Waites
• Independent – Anthony Pesec
• Independent – Gary Kent
• Greens – Penny Kyburz
• Sustainable Aust Party            John Haydon
• Independent    Nick Houston
• Independent    Gary Cowton


  • Will you commit to advocate for increased funding and other resourcing of the National Capital Authority to enable it to fulfil its responsibilities more effectively in planning for, and protecting the heritage values of not only the Parliamentary Triangle but the national capital and ACT more broadly?
  • What will you do to ensure the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories exercises its responsibilities effectively, including its oversight of the National Capital Authority?
  • When the ACT government seeks Commonwealth approvals for light rail stage 2, will you advocate for an inquiry by the Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories, including on:
  • whether a rigorous cost-benefit analysis has been undertaken, including whether alternative technologies can deliver the same outcome at less expense
  • what lessons have been learnt from evaluation of stage 1, and
  • whether an integrated transport and land use plan for the Civic to Woden corridor has been developed with meaningful community engagement?
  • Will you commit to advocate for meaningful community engagement on a masterplan and precinct code for Manuka to the Foreshore, an area with many heritage listed places and valued parks and landscapes, and that includes land under the responsibility of both federal and ACT Governments?
  • Given that the ACT and region are experiencing rapid growth, but the ACT essentially remains a city state with a narrow industry base, are you prepared to lobby for a review of federal funding to ensure adequate funding, especially for infrastructure, taking into account cross-border issues?
  • Will you advocate, with your “local members” hat on, to the ACT Government to ensure proposals for new waste management facilities in Canberra, including in Fyshwick, are subject to rigorous cost-benefit analysis, especially of health and environmental impacts?