6 Dec / 2014

Brickworks and Environs development – so far…

Deakin-Yarralumla “Brickworks” dense development

DRA consultations with residents and with other South Canberra community groups found growing discontent with the Land Development Agency’s failure to take many serious planning issues properly into account. LDA’s proposed land sales for high-density residential development lack provision of adequate transport services, traffic management and other community facilities.

The strong response from Resident groups and other stakeholders has forced a substantial re-think of the Land Development Agency’s plans and approach.

The Land Development Agency in November 2014 issued a Newsletter noting the concerns raised by residents and their associations, and promising further consultation on a revised proposal to be released in February 2015. The LDA Newsletter is available here. We encourage residents to read it and give us your views from the local perspective.

The western end of Deakin would be particularly affected by greatly increased through traffic on Kent Street, Dennison Street and Strickland Crescent, including flows from Molonglo developments and further north. The original LDA plan recognised increased traffic issues but failed to implement its own consultants’ reccommendation for substantial upgrades to the intersections of Adelaide Avenue, Kent Street, Dennison Street and Cotter Road.

Yarralumla Residents Association website provides links to many of the relevant documents. Inner South Canberra Community Council is considering issues that affect the broader local region, especially traffic and transport issues.

200 residents from Deakin, Yarralumla and across the Inner South including Woden and Weston Creek attended the Public Meeting on Monday 7 July at Deakin Soccer Club. They heard expert commentary on the project, along with views and concerns of a wide range of residents.

The text of the petition circulated by the Yarralumla Residents’ Association was unanimously endorsed.

Read the Submission from the Deakin Residents’ Association.

Further opportunities for comment will arise as this proposal requires several major approvals for compliance or changes to existing plans, ACT and Commonwealth.

The LDA’s email address is brickworks@act.gov.au.