28 Nov / 2018

Update on Aged Care Facility – Grey St

DRA has learnt that the Development Application for the Aged Care Facility in Grey St was approved in March 2018 by both EPSD and the NCA and that work is due to begin ‘early in the New Year”. See a copy of the decision approval.

DRA did not get a response to our submission on parking, traffic and apparent breeches of codes and rules before the proposal was approved.

EPSD has said “they didn’t know what had happened but suggested that the person concerned may not have been familiar with the procedure”. EPSD ‘appreciated’ the problem and that DRA had the right to access the ACAT process.

DRA has also learnt that expansion of the CGGS Junior School and the Early Learning Centre next year are likely to increase vehicle movement and parking by approximately 75% for the ELC and 25% for the Junior School.

John Bell and Di Johnstone are leading our scrutiny of these issues and potential impact on our suburb. If you would like to support their work, you could contact John on 0438732953.