16 May / 2018

Continuing committee activity – May 2018

Aged Care Facility – Grey St

The proposal height breaches NCA standards and other requirements. Will NCA standards be over-looked / ignored? See correspondence.
DRA is seeking member help in determining the priority of planning instruments.

National Capital Authority – DA 89

DRA made a submission to the NCA about development options in the Deakin/Forrest Residential Precinct over which the NCA has responsibility

St Lukes / Newdegate St redevelopment

DRA commented on the DA. See submission at link DRA submission

Telstra Kent St site – Section 66

Hindmarsh constructions has varied its proposal for high density housing on Kent St to the development of a Storage Facility. DRA is asking if it should  proceed regardless of Legislative Assembly resolution on the need for a integrated plan for Red Hill. See next item.

Integrated Plan for Red Hill Nature Reserve and surrounds

An important first step in development of the Integrated Plan for Red Hill Nature Reserve and surrounds is establishing what parcels of land should be included. A paper from Garran and Hughes Residents’ Action Group addresses the issue.

Housing Choices Discussion paper

The ACT Government paper sought to introduce more flexibility, better housing choices and encourage the kind of quality residential buildings that communities want.
Here is the DRA submission.

Melbourne Ave traffic and parking

Negative impact particularly on the median strip. Advice needed on responsibility NCA or EPSDD Also involve Forrest Residents Association.

Over arching

  1. Need for Deakin masterplan
  2. Who benefits financially from a change of lease purpose, the whole community or the former lease holder
  3. Traffic numbers and speed