2 Jul / 2015

DRA Committee meetings January and June 2015

Following the changes to Association Rules at the Annual General Meeting of 2014, the Committee has met twice, in January and June 2015.

Regular business, such as membership approvals, financial management, and policy decisions on current issues, has been conducted intersessionally by correspondence or by small group meetings.

Main business at the formal Committee meetings has been:

  • Ratification of new memberships.
  • Decision to appeal to ACAT against ACTPLA’s approval of a townhouse development on Gawler Crescent that does not meet planning rules as promised during consultation.
  • Continued pursuit of improved pedestrian safety barriers separating car parking from footpaths at the Deakin Group Centre.
  • Submissions, meetings and representations on ACT government plans and services regarding public transport, road conditions, and resident responsibilities for nature strip (verge) treatments and maintenance.
  • Ongoing review of Development Applications throughout the suburb, with submissions during consultation period, where required.
  • Participation and support for Inner South Community Council amd Canerra Community Council representations to the ACT Government on broader policy and planning issues.
  • Close collaboration with Yarralumla Residents Association on continuing development of Land Development Agency’s proposals for the Canberra Brickworks and Environs development area.
  • Meetings and liaison with the National Capital Authority on current issues, and on NCA’s upcoming review of the National Capital Plan that sets parameters for development in parts of Deakin as well as the central capital areas.