10 Jan / 2023

Petition to stop the tram – Stage 2

If you don’t support the tram you might like to sign this petition

Jeremy Hanson MLA has set up an online petition so that people who oppose the tram can support the case to stop it. It reads:

“To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory

This petition of residents of the Australian Capital Territory draws to the attention of the Assembly the following:

  • The tram caused over $400 million to be ripped out of hospitals, and nearly $90 million from road funding.
  • Rates have increased at record levels.
  • The ACT has a critical teacher shortage, the longest hospital waiting times in Australia, the lowest number of police per capita, and massive debt.
  • Trams are much slower than existing buses, and electric buses are more affordable and environmentally friendly.
  • The funding could be better spent on better hospitals, better roads, more police and better schools.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the Assembly to call on the Government to:

1. Stop Light Rail Project 2B.”


The link to this petition: Stop the tram (jeremyhanson.net)

DRA is forwarding this opportunity so its members can respond as they decide and if they support the petition.